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The myth of Love 


Tales of wedding, Digital color print, 2020

Vampire's love.jpg

Vampire's Love, Digital color print, 2020

JunghaNoh-Pink God.jpg

Pink God, Digital color print, 2020

JunhgaNoh-The woman with gold hair pin.j

The woman with gold hairpin, Digital color print, 2020

JunghaNoh-Love feast.jpg

Love feast , Digital color print, 2020

Pyunggang princes's suicide, Digital color print, 2005

Dancing With a mask, Digital color print, 2012

mylittleprincess #6.jpg
My little princess # 6, digital print,2020
Dancing for The death of Queen, photo-motion, 2020

     Love is a perfect word in itself but is modified with diverse adjectives and adverbs such as ‘absolute,’ ‘eternal,’ ‘solely’ and others. Although this word encompasses all kinds of rhetoric, we still feel misgivings about love. Love is the theme of our entire history. But we humans have so far failed to define what exactly love is.


Why were humankind expelled from the Garden of Eden and started their torturous lives on the earth? Is that really because they ate the forbidden fruit? What’s demanded is more plausible reason. Human’s serious distrust in love was probably derived from a mutual condemnation between Adam and Eve, not from the forbidden fruit. Particularly, Adam promised his love for Eve but facing sufferings, he denied his love and all the more put his blame on Eve.


As Eve witnessed Adam conducting such misbehaviors, how wretched she was? I sometimes imagine the life of Adam and Eve after being expelled from the Garden of Eden. She may remember Adam’s love something frivolous. In this state she could accept Adam’s love again and become the mother of all humankind? Eve was really able to efface the memory of her love with Adam in the Garden?

수 천년 동안 내려온 인류 역사의 주제는 본질적으로는 사랑에 관한 것이라 말해도 과언이 아닐 것이다. 그 이외의 이야기들은 좀 더 사랑 이야기를 매력적으로 만들기 위한 장신구에 불과하다. 우리의 사랑에 대한 이러한 집착증은 어디서부터 시작된 걸까? 왜 우리는 예나 지금이나 '사랑'에 대해서는 많은 미사여구의 설명을 늘어 놓는 불안증 환자가 된 걸까? 

'사랑'은 완전한 단어이다.

에덴의 동산에서 부족한 것 없이 천상의 사랑을 누리던 인간이 지상에 내려와 고달픈 사랑을 시작하게 된 이유는 어디에 있을까? 정말 신이 먹지 말라는 금단의 열매를 단순히 따먹었기 때문일까? 우리에게는 좀 더 타당한 이유가 필요하다.


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